Helpful Hints

Moving Hints – for safety reasons.

 Most importantly, always be ready for when the movers arrive.

  • NEVER be still packing on the moving day
  • Have someone mind your young children so they don’t get in the way
  • Pets well contained


Helpful Hints

The following will all help save time and therefore minimise the cost to you:

Empty refrigerators – freezers can quite often have the food left in them – check with Mr Shift It when making your booking

Disconnect washing machine hoses.

Beds – headboards and legs off- make sure the bed legs are put in a safe and easy place to find.

Empty loose items from dressing tables, drawers and sideboards, ie bottles, jars, jewellery.  Clothes can stay in.

Take mirrors off dressing tables

Large mirrors and paintings off the wall

If packing your own boxes 

  • Make sure you use strong cardboard boxes
  • Make sure the bottom and the top and taped well
  • Do not use large boxes if they are going to be very heavy, they will be very difficult to lift and pack within the truck.
  • NOTE:   Our staff are happy to help with any of the above, but it all adds up to extra time at a cost to you.
  • If you prefer to have your items packed, Mr Shift It does offer a packing service, just ask when booking your move.
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